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How do I know if I have a claim or not?

Quite simply, if your tenancy deposit was not placed in one of three government protection schemes then you have a claim.

If your landlord did place your deposit in one of the protection schemes, they must have done it within 30 days, if they didn’t you still have a claim.

How much is my claim worth?

You are able to claim between 1-3x your deposit per breach.

For example if your deposit was £600 and you had one breach (one 12 month tenancy) the claim could be worth between £600 – £1,800.

If you had multiple tenancies in the same property with a £600 deposit (renewed 12 month agreement every year for three years) the claim could be worth between £1,800 – £5,400.

How does it work?

If you think you have a claim, we’ll ask to see a copy of your tenancy agreement* and check to see a deposit was paid and not protected (or within 30 days).

After these checks we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire to collect anymore information that we need.

How do I check if my deposit is protected or not?

All we need to see is a copy of your tenancy agreement and we’ll be able to check if your deposit was protected with one of the three government protection schemes.

Alternatively if you would like to check yourself, all you need to do is enter your tenancy details (postcode, start date and deposit amount) in to these three websites:

Deposit Protection Service

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

My Deposits

My landlord told me my deposit is protected?

If your deposit was protected you should have received a pack with a certificate from one of the three government protection schemes (My Deposits, Deposit Protection Service or The Dispute Service).

If you did not receive any information about your protected deposit then it most likely is not protected. We would recommend checking with ourselves.

My deposit was protected.

If you have a certificate to prove your deposit was protected then it is still worth checking that it was protected within 30 days of the landlord receiving it. If it wasn’t protected until after 30 days have passed, you have a claim.

I’m living in the property now.

You can make a claim against your landlord while you are living in the property. If you would prefer to leave the claim until after you have moved home, we would recommend contacting us now so we can gather the evidence and hold it on file. You can make a claim against your landlord up to 6 years after the deposit was paid.

I’m no longer living in the property.

All you need is a copy of your tenancy agreement and proof that deposit was paid and we can start our checks to see if you have a claim.

My deposit was paid more than 6 years ago.

If you started the tenancy agreement more than 6 years ago then you can not make a claim against that specific deposit, however, if you started a new tenancy agreement or changed to a periodic tenancy agreement (i.e new 12 month contract or rolling 1 month contract) within the last 6 years then you can make a claim against each one of those new contracts.

I’m in rent arrears.

We would discuss with you if the potential claim size is more or less than the arrears. If the deposit claim is smaller than the arrears then unfortunately your claim does not fit our criteria to proceed.

I don’t have any evidence of paying the deposit.

To move forward with your claim we need to see evidence that a deposit was paid. This could be one of the following; noted in the tenancy agreement, a receipt, a bank statement showing bank transfer.

I left the tenancy agreement early.

If you left the tenancy agreement early and the landlord approved the contract termination then we can pursue your claim. If you left the tenancy early and the landlord is owed rent, we would not advise pursuing the claim as the rent arrears may be more than your potential claim valuation.

How much does this cost me?

It costs nothing to check if you have a claim or not, we provide all advise and checks for free. If you have a claim and would like to proceed we offer a no win-no fee agreement but will deduct 25% plus VAT from any monies that you receive.

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