To continue your claim please complete our questionnaire below, this will gather the information we need to pursue your deposit claim.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the team on email at [email protected] or by using WhatsApp: 07843 472 999.

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1 Step 1
How many tenants signed the tenancy agreement?How many people were named on the contract?
Tenant One
Tenant Two
More Tenants
Tenancy Details
How many tenancy agreements did you sign?How many contracts did you sign during the tenancy?
Has the tenancy finished?Has the contracted tenancy come to an end?
Have you moved out of the property?
Deposit Details
How did you pay the deposit?
Have you received the deposit back?
Do you know if the deposit was protected or not?
Do you have any rent arrears?Do you owe the landlord any rent or money?
Did you claim any housing benefits while in the propery?
Was the Housing Benefit paid to the Tenant or to the Landlord?
Landlord Details
Other Details
Do you have a copy of your tenancy agreement?
Do you have evidence of rental payments if required?
Do you have evidence showing the deposit being paid?*

Please note: If you cannot provide both your tenancy agreement and deposit/rent evidence we cannot continue with your claim. 

Please tap Submit below to complete your questionnaire and send the Deposit Hero team your claim details.

If you have more evidence to submit please email to [email protected] or send via WhatsApp to 07843 472 999.

Next steps:
After submitting your questionnaire we will make contact with you to confirm the claim details and request any more information that we need.