Tenant Deposit cases are conducted on a Conditional Fee Agreement. Under the terms of this agreement work is undertaken at a rate of £192 + VAT per hour, in addition to disbursements which might include, although not exclusively, court fees, barristers fees etc.

These costs are only payable if you win your case and are usually recoverable from the other party. If your claim is unsuccessful you will not be left with a bill for legal work.

The full terms and conditions that apply to our Conditional Fee Agreement are provided prior to you agreeing to instruction Johnson and Boon Solicitors, including circumstances in which you may become liable for pay these costs.

It is impossible to provide an estimate of the costs likely to be incurred without knowing the specific circumstances of each case, because the amount of work required will depend upon the nature of the advice required and value of the dispute.

We charge an initial consultation fee of £50 + VAT, which is deducted from the total costs charge on your case upon receipt of instructions to proceed.

The above mentioned hourly rate may be subject to variation in the case of disputes of over £100,000 or those matters which include complex circumstances.

We will detail what will be included within the terms of the Conditional Fee Agreement and no work will be undertaken until you have understood and agreed to that quote.

A estimate timescale will also be provided for key stages in the case. These are estimates only due to them being influenced by conduct of the parties, court workloads etc.

There may be unforeseen circumstances which require that quote to be revised. This may relate to an increase in value, complexity or due to a factor otherwise previously unknown. You will be advised should such an occasion arise. We will advice on the nature of that circumstance, why it has impacted upon the original costs quotation and we will provide a revised quote for your consideration and approval.

No such additional costs will be incurred until these have been understood and approved by you. 

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