You may be wondering how to make a deposit protection claim, well we’ve summarised the process into a few easy to understand steps below!

Contact Deposit Hero

If you think your deposit was not protected (or protected within 30 days) then you may have a deposit protection claim.

If you have any questions about claims, deposits, protection services or Deposit Hero in general our team will be happy to help and provide as much information as your require. As soon as you are happy we’ll provide you with a link to our deposit claim checker which can be completed on your phone or computer.

Run a deposit claim check

The Deposit Hero claim checker will ask for just need four pieces of information to run a check: (alternatively you can just provide these details via email or WhatsApp)

  • Surname of the person who paid the deposit (Smith)
  • Size of the deposit (£650)
  • Month and Year the deposit was paid (July 2017)
  • Postcode of the property (E14 0EF)

Once we have these four pieces of information we can run a free claim check on your tenancy deposit.

How long does the check take?

Checking your deposit protection claim only takes a couple of minutes, if we’re communicating via email or WhatsApp you will hear back from the Deposit Hero team almost instantly if it’s during working hours.

Your deposit claim

If your deposit checks come back positive we will contact you with details on the size of your potential claim. If you would like to continue with the claim we will now provide you with a link to our questionnaire which can be completed on mobile, laptop or pc.

Deposit Claim Questionnaire

The questionnaire will gather your contact details and anyone else who was named on the tenancy agreement. We will ask a few questions about the landlord and the tenancy. You will then have the opportunity to upload a copy of your tenancy agreement and any evidence you may have of the deposit and rentals being paid.

After we receive your completed questionnaire we will check over the details and evidence and contact you requesting anything else that we need.

Passing your claim to our solicitors

Once we have collected all the information we need and prepared your claim pack we will ask you for permission to pass your details to our panel of solicitors. You will then be contacted by our solicitors about their process and the next steps for taking the claim forward.