Have you paid a deposit on a rented property after 2012?

Was it protected?

You could be entitled to compensation.

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If you can answer yes to the following two questions then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

1. Are you renting or have you rented property in the last 6 years?
2. Did you pay a deposit to the landlord for your tenancy?

If you have answered yes to both questions then complete our simple claims application below and we will respond with details on your claim.

The Law

Landlords are required by law to protect your deposit with one of three government protection schemes.

The law states that a Landlord must protect your deposit within 30 days.

Your Case

If your landlord does not protect your deposit with one of the three tenancy protection schemes within 30 days receiving the deposit they are liable to a penalty of between 1-3 times the amount of deposit paid.

Landlords continue to ignore this law and Deposit Hero work with a panel of solicitors covering England and Wales enforcing Tenants rights against Landlords and obtaining compensation on behalf of our clients.

What We Do

We operate a true no win-no fee agreement. We require no payment from you.

We will gather all evidence including the tenancy agreement and any receipts, we will then guide you through a questionnaire. This information and any evidence will then be passed to our panel of solicitors who will contact you to move your claim forward.